MOST HIGH Content Requirements and Guidelines

Content Requirements and Guidelines

Once your Creator Profile is ready to go, teachers may now proceed uploading content. Make sure your uploads comply with the requirements and guidelines to avoid delays.

At the moment, Insight Timer only accepts MP4 files.

The optimal length for meditation is between 10-20 minutes (slightly longer for music and talks), however, we have content that ranges from 45 seconds to 120 minutes. Moreover, unless it is a music track, talk, or meditation for sleep, using an ending bell is recommended but not required. Note that you must provide your own ending bell as Insight Timer does not supply this.

Recordings should also minimize external noises and make sure that volume is set properly. Recordings of live talks or seminars where miscellaneous sounds cannot be avoided may be accepted provided that it is indicated in the description.

Before you upload anything onto the app, be sure you have all the necessary rights. We take issues with copyright very seriously so remember to credit all musicians for background music and other teachers who may have influenced your work. If you are uploading on someone else’s behalf or using a trademarked term/practice, a written permission may be requested. Any material that is found to breach copyright will be removed immediately.

Royalty-free music tracks will not be allowed on the app, unless if used as a background music for a guided meditation and/or as a sample for an original musical piece.

Works already in the public domain may be accepted (e.g. readings, lectures, stories), provided original creators are properly credited.

Furthermore, proper credentials are required if you are using a specialized practice like Neuroscience, Psychology, MBSR, ACT, the Wim Hof Method, and the likes.

If your audio tackles sensitive and triggering topics like depression, eating disorders, and the likes, we require that you place a “trigger warning” note at the beginning of the recording as well as the track description. It must also be emphasized that it is not a substitute for professional help, and that there are no scientific claims.

Furthermore, reminders to exercise necessary caution and steps to ensure safety and health, like avoiding driving or operation of heavy machinery, should also be included in the recording and the description when necessary.

To make sure that Insight Timer remains a place of refuge, we refrain from accepting content that deals with or contains any of the following topics:

  • Promotions
    Guided meditations must not have any promotional content. This includes the mention of products, services, websites, books, courses, retreats, other platforms, as well as contact details.
  • Overtly sexual
    Sexuality plays a huge role in achieving overall wellbeing. However, until we put appropriate filters for tracks that are sexual in nature, contain sexual references, have sexual undertones, and/or sexually suggestive, we shall refrain from accepting such.
  • Hyper-Political, Hate Speech, & Explicit Language
    Content that promotes, bashes, and discredits specific organizations or movements will not be accepted. Topics like this may be divisive and polarizing to a general audience. We also do not tolerate hate speech or discrimination of any kind.
    Tracks with explicit language may be accepted as long as it is within context and not used profusely. A disclaimer/warning in the description is also required.
  • Any Form of Hypnosis
    We believe hypnosis should be practiced only in a safe environment, preferably in a face-to-face setting with a trained practitioner.
  • Content Led by Children or Individuals Under the Age of 16
    While we applaud and encourage starting a mindfulness practice at a young age, we’d like our resources to be provided by qualified teachers. Minors can still make a cameo in the recording as long as the main guide is an adult.
  • References to Use of Substances
    We prohibit content that promotes or encourages the use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Money-making Programs & Financial Services
    We do not accept content that deals with, promotes, sells, or offers any financial services. This includes crypto-currencies, insurance, multi-level marketing, investment plans, wealth management, and others.
  • Suicide
    Discussing the topic of suicide may be triggering to some of our more vulnerable users. Therefore, until measures that will safeguard user wellbeing and safety are in place, we will not be accepting such content.

Infringement of or non-compliance with any of the above may result in rejection of content, programs and experiences, delay in publishing as well as temporarily or permanently being banned from using and uploading content on our platform.