Ignite Your Power

What if you could download a new, fully upgraded version of your self, to take charge of your life?

Now You can.

Weight problems? – gone.
Relationship issues? – resolved.
ALL Your Addictions – Vanished.
Health problems? – solved.
Existential angst? – eliminated.

This radical new transformation technology literally downloads a the ideal version of your self and installs it in your system.

You become clear, powerful, strong, resolute… Everything you’ve struggled to change about yourself is changing rapidly, effortlessly – miraculously. It’s like you’re not even doing it – because in a way, you’re not. It’s being done to you through your invitation.

Suddenly you have great purpose, meaning, strength – resolve. Suddenly you see clearly what needs to be done to change your life – to come into alignment with your highest calling – to come into alignment with Heaven on Earth.

An unstoppable power is downloaded from the Divine, born in you – and turned on.

All the wounds, afflictions, addictions, parasites and blockages in you are rooted out and surgically removed.

You spontaneously purge all that is not in alignment with your soul and your higher self.

This new light body you downloaded is way more powerful and clear than you have ever experienced yourself to be – superhuman even.

This is a rapid download of your fully potentiated being – your best self – your most transcendent enlightened empowered self. This happens suddenly and rapidly.

You awaken a fire – a power – within you, that takes charge and starts transforming your life in miraculous ways.

This fire of Love will root out all that is out of alignment in your life.

This will bring immaculate order to your life.

Miraculously, people – like angels – are called in by this beacon of your Light to help you on your journey.

Here you learn to stop fighting your highest calling and become your greatest expression.

This process gives you incredible “grace under fire” where you transcend the triggers that used to trip you up.

You will accomplish more transformation through this process 6 weeks than you can in 6 years with intense personal growth and spiritual discipline.

While the original download can happen as quickly as a few minutes – the process of integration can take a number of weeks to get used to the new you.

BONUS: The Bridge to Love – Exalted Ecstatic Experience

Through this bonus process a bridge to love is activated and materializes.

This “Bridge to Love” gives you the EXPERIENCE of everything and more that you ever wanted out of love, romance, sex.

You will be astonished at the feelings of love and ecstacy you can feel in the presence of the Divine.

“This is BETTER than sex.”
“This is better than ANYTHING I’ve ever experienced in my life.”
~ Ignite Your Power participant

There is no more powerful experience of love than this exalted experience of the Love of the Divine. Your heart, your mind and even your body will ignite and feel enraptured by this Love.

This is the earth-shaking experience of revelation or “Kundalini awakening” promised to those willing to devote decades of their lives to spiritual disciplines or Kundalini practice. However, you can experience this in just a few hours with this breakthrough process.

This love experience will replace and fill the void of all the things, love and experiences you crave from a romantic partner.

Then as you continue repeating this ecstatic experience, you cross the Bridge to Love and you attract the reflection of this ecstatic love in your actual physical relationship(s).

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This Solves Everything

All of the manmade problems of the world boil down to rampant egotism. All of the problems of your life boil down to your personal ego issues. No matter how successful you are – relationship issues, satisfaction issues, health issues and psychological issues will still haunt you – but all can be solved through the experience of self-transcendence.

“This is Really Really Strong. This Will Change Your Life.”

I needed to be convinced more than anybody, but this will change your life for. I feel called to say this. You should EXPECT results from this. You should expect that this is going to change your life.
~ Phil

I was Lit Up. This is What I was Looking for My Entire Life.”

I lost 25 pounds just calling in the Light. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life. I feel more alive than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. It is the most amazing gift I’ve ever been given. 
– Michele

This Work Saved a Child’s Life

Through our practice, Kristin was led to be in the just the right place at just the right time to save a child’s life. Her training in self-transcendence gave her the clarity to call in the Light under pressure and work this miracle.
 – Kristen

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